PHREIK! Records is a fictional record label that supports indie bands of dark genres based in Raleigh, North Carolina. The brand mission is to support diversity and self-expression that one gets nowhere else. PHREIK! Records provides a personalized experience for both bands starting out and established bands that want to branch out past your typical production of merchandise.
PHREIK! Records started up to focus on providing an experience like no other for both bands and fans. They started with four bands of various different genres to establish a diverse environment; electronic, ambient metal, stoner/doom metal and hardcore punk. Many products are handmade, such as shirts and special edition vinyls. This provides another level of interaction for fans as this makes the merchandise unique and special.
Inspiration includes The Flenser and Holy Mountain Printing
Logo Variations
Email Layout
Vinyl Record Shipping Boxes
Gig Poster
YouTube Song Video Template
Absinthe is a band under the PHREIK! label. This stoner/doom metal band takes on a medieval style with a jester mascot. Merchandise is very tactile with special edition vinyls and vinyl jackets being curated for a unique experiece for their fans. Colors are muted like old manuscripts and text is blackletter with a handmade look. Art utilizes detailed illustration.
The vinyl jackets are screenprinted and then bookbinded using thread and bookcloth to create a gatefold jacket. There are two versions; one utilizing black cloth with gold and white ink, and another utilizing red cloth and white ink.
There is two discs with three total sides. The B side of disc 2 has a screenprinted design that matches the album cover.

Aeolian is a dark ambient metal band that has majority of its influences in European metal. Most art consists of natural scenery, such as woods and mountainscapes. The colors tend to be muted into a monochromatic palette. Text style takes on black metal influence with decorative, detailed typography.
Inspiration music include Burzum, Silent Hill OST and Resident Evil OST.
Bumpy Genital is a band under the PHREIK! label. This electronic band leans towards 90’s electronic music with a darker,
heavier edge. The album covers consist of overlaying, colorful photos that hold a lot of detail and images to the point
where it’s a bit chaotic. Made to be looked at and pondered like some sort of strange alien scenery.
Inspiration music include Invasion from XXX Dimension, Kid606, Venetian Snares, Nero’s Day At Disneyland, and M1dy.
The Leather Club is a band under the PHREIK! label. This hardcore/industrial punk band has a queer background and takes a lot of influence from queer culture. Focuses heavily on social issues and unity. Takes on the handmade aesthetic of punk
merchandise, such as from zines, posters, and album covers.
Inspiration music include Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Saetia, Daughters, IDLES and Lords of Acid.
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